transparent & verifiable on-chain carbon retirement tools

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provide easy-to-use apps that incentivize carbon emission compensation and drive value to planet positive projects

disCarbon makes retirements transparent and easily verifiable from a wide variety of carbon offset projects by leveraging on-chain carbon certificates

existing platforms

allow users to offset emissions for different use cases from curated carbon offset projects

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existing retirement solutions

  • are expensive: considerable mark-up
  • lack transparency: unclear calculation & retirement methods
  • don't allow public verification of the retirement
  • offer a limited set of carbon offset projects


disCarbon allows

  • access to carbon certificates at market price
  • transparent calculation via open source methods
  • choice of any tokenized carbon offset project
  • public verification via on-chain transactions
  • incentivized retirements via POAPs or NFTs

progress since launch, may 2022


future plans

  1. onboard more event organizers
  2. generalize offsetting contract for other people to use
  3. incentivize offsetting with dynamic NFTs
  4. improve the flight offsetter user experience
  5. add climate, community & biodiversity ratings to ui
  6. develop a fun, educational emission offsetter

monetization and funding status